1. What are different between standard colour and customized colour
Standard colours are showed in our catalog fabric. They are produced frequently.
Differ to standard colour, when you need a colour which is not in our catalog fabric, which called customized colour. Normally a customized colour order will be conducted longer than a standard colour order.
2. What is the minimum order ?
For all kind of clothes, minimum order: 300 pcs or sets (100 pcs or sets per design per colour, 20 pcs per size)
3. Lead time for production with sample order
   + Sample order of 1-10 pcs: About 1-2 weeks after receiving payment
   + Sample order of 11-30 pcs: About 2-3 weeks after receiving payment
4. Lead time for production with wholesale order
Normally lead time with standard colour order will be:
   + For order of 200pcs:                                    about 30 days.
   + For order of 500 – 700pcs:                          about 35 days.
   + For order of 700 – 1,000pcs:                       about 40 days.
   + For the order of 2,000pcs:                           about 45days.
   + For the order of 3,000pcs:                           about 50 days.
   + For the order of 5,000pcs to 10,000pcs:     about 60 days.
   + For larger order:                                          confirm later.
5. Can I use my own label/tag, care label for dresses?
Yes, we can add your own label to the products that you order
  + Label cost:  $250 for 5000 woven labels/tags, $250 for 5000 hang-tags
  + Care label cost: $150 for 5000pcs
6. Can I use my own designs and how do I apply it?
Yes, you can use your own design. Minimum quantity for your own design is 50pcs per design:
   - If you already have got the images of your own designs, please send to us, we will make them for you.
   - If you only have got ideas of your custom designs without images, our designers will help you create the images of them for your reference before production.
7. Do I need to pay for making pictures of my own design?
You don’t need to pay for designing service. This is free of charge.
8. What is the price term?
Depend on your decision, price can be FOB or CIF or EXW.
9. What is the payment term?
- For sample orders: please pay in advance
- For wholesale orders: Please pay a deposit of 30% of the whole order value before production time and for the remaining no later than 5 days before shipment.
NOTE: The deposit that has been made will be non-refundable (this deposit is used to reserve for your order and pay for labor and material charges during the process of production)
10. How can I make payment ?
You can choose one of following bank options:
► Online payment via international card

All normal international cards like Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club are all accepted.
► Wire transfer
You can transfer by USD to our company bank account as follows:
- Beneficiary name:
- Account number:
- Swift code:
- Bank name: Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam
- Bank address:
- Beneficiary address:
► Western Union or MoneyGram or Paypal
Note: Payment through the Western Union and MoneyGram is only applied to order under $ 1000.
11. How can I choose fabric type and colours?
Please choose our all fabric types and colours at this link: Click here
12. When I place an order, do I have to pay any import taxes, duties and any other charges?
Import tax rate depends on each government policy.
13. How are these clothes packed?
Our products are packed in 3 steps:
 Step 1: After being ironed, each item will be folded and put individually into a plastic bag.
 Step 2: We put all into a five-layer carton box sized 50 x 50 x 50 cm. This kind of carton sized box can contain about 70 normal cleanroom coveralls (depending on the size of each product)
 Step 3: After putting all the items into the box, we cover it with plastic and put the stamp of the sender and receiver's addresses on.
14. How are products shipped?
Depending on each order, we will suggest you how to ship products.
For example:
* An order less than 200 kg should be shipped by express company such as UPS, DHL.
* An order of 200-500 kg should be shipped by air.
* An order of more than 500 kg should be shipped by sea.
For further information, please don't hesitate to contact us throughout the process of placing an order.
+84 243998 5123
+84 243998 5123
+84 243998 5123