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Why should workers wear anti static uniforms

In factories like pharmaceutical, electronics,… that require high level of cleanness and low electro-static, anti-static uniforms should be considered a priority. For more understanding, please read the full article below.

Human bodies always consist an excess amount of electro particles. The higher the amount, the stronger the electro-static intensity. The intensity also increases depending on the weather and season (humidity or dry).

When human bodies have electro-static, the moment we touch anything, we also transmit a significant amount of electric charge to that item. The case will be proved hazardous in situations include:

  • In electric component factories: as workers consistently have direct contact with sensitive components, electro-static can damage several electric circuits of motherboard that can only be detected by specilized machines.
  • In pharmaceutical factories, laboratories: high level of electro-static can attract dust that build up into grimes. Therefore, it will affect the clean working environment, the quality of final products, and the experiment results.
  • In petroleum industry: Electro-static will discharge into fire sparks. For petrol and gas environment, a small spark is capable of create serious consequences, eventually devastating explosions that are unsurmounted.

With the obvious and negative outcomes from electro-static, anti-static fabric was created to mitigate the transfer of electro-static discharge from workers to the surroundings environment, guarantee that final products have consistent quality as well as limiting the explosions.

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